Zippered Pillow Protectors

Who washes the pillow regularly? Luxury hotel hygiene for your Hanse® pillows with the Hanse® pillowcase for the ultimate safe, hypoallergenic sleeping experience - a must for every allergy sufferer and reassuring safety for everyone.

  • Easy to put on like a pillowcase, practical to clean
  • A blend of 50 percent pure cotton and 50 percent polyester fiber
  • Consumes a fraction of the resources for the pillow wash
  • Soothing hygiene, pleasant security for relaxed sleep
  • Practical zipper and crackle-free fabric, for the real luxury hotel feeling
Why protective covers from Hanse®?
protective covers are exposed to the highest stresses in hotels. Hanse® has been accompanying well over 1500 luxury hotels in more than 100 countries for decades. Hanse® has therefore witnessed the development of mattress and pillow protectors and played a decisive role in many aspects and details. When you buy a Hanse® protector, you not only acquire the protective function and the associated superior safety, but also the reassuring feeling that these product types have proven themselves in millions upon millions of luxury hotel nights.
Practical hygiene with protectors
The "Protector" sounds like a Hollywood action movie - and is actually an invention of American hotel chains. Their logic is impressively simple: Washing and drying an entire pillow or mattress protector is very time-consuming. Over 2 kilos of extremely absorbent material have to be washed per product. If instead an "intermediate layer" is inserted under the sheets, namely the mattress or pillow protector, it is perfectly sufficient to wash them. The protector or pillowcase is therefore simply an additional layer between the body of the sleeper and the bed. Easier to handle than the whole product and therefore simply more practical.
Protectors offer safe purity
Weighing 200-400 grams depending on size, a protector for laundry only needs about one tenth of the resources of the original product: The protector saves 90% of water during washing, 90% of energy during washing and drying, and 90% of the required washing and drying time. Protectors are also easier to handle. The inhibition threshold to wash the product regularly is also reduced by 90% - and as a result, with regularly washed protectors it is a much more hygienic, safer sleeping experience than without a protector.
The Hanse® pillow protector
Hanse® cushion protectors are extremely easy to put on and take off with a small, sturdy zipper. They fit perfectly and are completely invisible in the finished bed. And they are also inaudible: The breathable protectors are manufactured in such a way that unpleasant crackling noises do not even occur. At the same time, Hanse® protectors are so robust and reliably manufactured that they can withstand the extremely demanding requirements of the best luxury hotels in the world for many years. At the same time, they are so elegantly specified and designed that they fully preserve the superior sleeping experience of the Hanse® bed, both in terms of feel and appearance.
core 50% polyester 50% cotton
reference 50% polyester 50% cotton
Detachable textile frame yes
Care instructions
washability protector: machine washable up to 60 °C
material composition protector quality: 180 thread count, 50% polyester 50% cotton with double seam, colour: white
Order note
scope of delivery 1 hour
Worth knowing
allergy information suitable for people allergic to house dust: yes
We are the largest manufacturer of naturally filled bedding in Europe - the old telex abbreviation "RIBECO" became our own brand in the late 1970s. Since the 1980s, we have been serving the world's best hotels with our subsidiary Hanse Textilvertrieb, as well as their guests and other private customers.

Right of return
After receipt of the goods, you have a legal right of return for 14 days without any risk. We will refund the purchase price for unused and originally packed hygiene articles without any ifs and buts after we have received the return shipment paid by you. Please make sure that your return is clearly marked with your name and the order number so that we can refund it immediately and without delay after allocation.
All orders we receive by 5 pm on working days are sent directly the next day for production, then for packing and the following day for collection by UPD Ground. UPD Ground in turn needs 2-4 working days for delivery. The products should therefore normally arrive between 8 and 10 business days after ordering.