Corporate Governance

Today's world at times seems unhinged - terms such as "common sense", "being the good guys", "hanseatic" behavior and people's words do no longer refer to a universally applicable set of values: we understand that in a global world, we need to describe more explicitly than ever before, what we do.

As industry experts, as entrepreneurs, and as mothers and fathers, behaving well as a corporate citizen has always been a personal motivation for all of us. We are fully committed to creating transparent products, processes and quality standards through our daily work. Our insights and standards are ever evolving, we learn something every day and we try to be a little more ambitious about being good, every day.

This is documented in our Company Governance Guidelines listed below - transparency and quality is no coincidence, but the result of the values and policies that determine our daily work. Our ambitions als encompass the new ways of working - online - and the "data protection" that now is needed. Both our data protection guidelines and Corporate Governance are integral part of our terms and conditions, which are also linked in the footer of this site.

Please click each link to review. We thank you for your support on our path to make the world sleep a little better, every day.