Hotel Towels 100% Ring Spun Cotton

Pure luxury to enhance the spa experience in your own bathroom: Turn your own bathroom into a wellness oasis with towels and bathrobes from the world's luxury hotels.

  • Double base yarn for high durability
  • Plain white
  • Low 3-4mm pile, high number of picks for dense, fluffy fabric
  • 100% cotton for best absorbency
  • Confidence in textiles without harmful substances with Oekotex Label
  • Machine washable up to 90 degrees Celsius
  • A wonderfully soft feel in a classic luxury hotel style
Why towels from Hanse®?
Towels are exposed to the highest stresses and strains in hotels. Hanse® has been supporting well over 1500 luxury hotels in more than 100 countries for decades. Hanse® has therefore witnessed the development of towels and played a decisive role in many aspects and details. When you buy a Hanse® towel or bathrobe, you not only acquire a hygiene product and the superior safety that goes with it, but also the reassuring feeling that these product types have proven their worth in millions upon millions of luxury hotel nights. And: the fluffy luxury, the feeling of letting oneself fall, of switching off, of "indulgence", of pampering oneself - via the haptic experience, wellness and well-being are virtually built into Hanse® towels and bathrobes in the same way.
Luxury and wellness with towels
Towels you will experience particularly intensively in the luxury hotels: Nowhere else do you deal so actively and consciously with towels as in a luxury hotel. Here you have time to relax, let yourself go and spoil yourself. Because you have earned it. On the one hand in your hotel room or suite; with bath mats, bath towels, towels and washcloths. On the other hand also in the spa and wellness area of this temple of luxury - with pool towels and the super fluffy bathrobes so characteristic of luxury hotels.
The special construction of Hanse® bathrobes
Bathrobes and towels are produced in three steps. In the first step the warp is laid - long and continuous threads of yarn form parallel, long "chains". In the second step, the weaving shuttles travel through the warps with a "weft" and weave the cross connections, the weft, at right angles to the warp. Both together - warp and weft - form the base yarn in the towel. Hanse® chooses a relatively fine yarn (16 denier, a unit of measurement for the weight of cotton used per length, i.e. the higher the denier number, the finer the yarn) and always weaves two up and two down for a particularly robust basic yarn. The notation for this is 16/2 x 16/2, on which the pile yarn, the surface yarn, is knotted in the third step. Here too, Hanse® has pursued a very conservative design for decades - with relatively low "loops" of 3-4mm in height and a high number of picks to achieve the desired basis weight. Here Hanse® uses a thicker yarn (10x1) for maximum density and absorbency. Produced under continuous quality control, the Business Social Compliance Initiative BSCI and Business Environmental Performance Initiative BEPI.
The Hanse® luxury hotel towels
The double base yarn in combination with the small loops produces wonderfully dense, robust yet fluffy and soft bathrobes. Hanse®'s preferred basis weight of up to 700 grams per square metre - depending on the type of towel, this is further varied to ensure a pleasant feel - results in valuable, luxurious and exquisitely crafted towels, such as those used in the world's best luxury hotels. Hanse® towels are so robust and reliably manufactured that they can withstand the extremely demanding requirements of the world's best luxury hotels for many wash cycles; at the same time, however, they are so elegantly specified and designed that they fully underline the superior wellness and spa feeling of the Hanse® luxury hotel product range both haptically and in their appearance. Washable up to 90 °C. With Oekotex ideal for people allergic to house dust.
Base yarn 100% cotton
Surface yarn 100% cotton
Care instructions
Washability machine washable up to 90°C
Material composition 100% cotton, colour: white
Worth knowing
Sizes 30x32cm (washcloth), 40x71cm (towel), 50x100cm (towel), 50x75cm (bath mat), 70x153cm (bath towel)
Order note
Scope of delivery 1 hour
Worth knowing
Allergy information suitable for people allergic to house dust: yes
We are the largest manufacturer of naturally filled bedding in Europe - the old telex abbreviation "RIBECO" became our own brand in the late 1970s. Since the 1980s, we have been serving the world's best hotels through our subsidiary Hanse Textilvertrieb, as well as their guests and other private customers.

Right of return
After receipt of the goods, you have a legal right of return for 14 days without any risk. We will refund the purchase price for unused and originally packed hygiene articles without any ifs and buts after we have received the return shipment paid by you. Please make sure that your return is clearly marked with your name and the order number so that we can refund it immediately and without delay after allocation.
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