Hanse DIAMOND Luxury Hotel Mattress

  • Engineered with passion in Germany
  • Made with power in the USA
  • Revolutionary ergonomics - all body types, all sleep positions
  • Oekotex – no harmful substances, for allergy suffererss
  • Plush 14in opulemce as for our luxury hotel clients
  • 10 years mattress core warranty - 60 thsd compressions 300 lb
  • Pay in 4 equal payments through Klarna - 0% interest
30 nights testing -
simply return to CA or MI

Shipping within 15 business days


You will love sleep with Hanse Diamond

The Hanse DIAMOND is an absolutely unique, ultra luxury product: We took the luxury hotel mattress specs of some of the best brands in hospitality. We then worked with ergonomics institutes in Germany until this product was not only super luxurious, but ergonomically perfect. We applied our materials knowledge and experience to ensure the perfect support and feel lasts for 60 thsd (!) compressions with 300 pounds - a simulated life span of 10 years - without losing any of its fantastic properties. Finally, we optimized it with the most demanding clients around the world, luxury hospitality professionals, as well as some super highend individuals (royals, rock- and filmstars).

Hanse Diamond is ideal for side sleepers, stomach sleepers and back sleepers. For side sleepers, we recommend to complement the mattress with one or two (for wide shoulders) Hanse pillows.

After placing your order, we custom make the mattress in the USA, and we deliver 2-3 weeks after the order was placed. Not too much of a wait for then sleeping like most privileged.

You can order the mattress online and try it for 30 nights. If - for whatever reason - you do NOT want to keep the mattress afterwards, you can return it. Returns to Fresno / CA, Grand Rapids / MI or Sterling / VA.

And: in case you love the Hanse Diamond as intended and do not return it, please contact us after the 30-night trial period, and we will send you one Hanse luxury pillow for free.

Hanse Diamond provides excellent ergonomic support, while at the same time being gentle on the main pressure points of your body. Add our "Hanse featherfree Premium topper“ for optional ultra plush feel.

This topper has a complementary function and will surround you with luxurious fluffiness :-) The combination of the mattress with this ultra plush topper creates the truly opulent feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

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Hanse Natural Duvet
plus free: Natural Hybrid 3-Chamber Pillow


Hanse GEM Mattress
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Health through luxurious sleep
We are a leading vendor to the luxury hotel industry. We know how to reliably deliver fantastic mattresses, on the highest quality level. For recharging sleep, best relaxation, and hence health and wellbeing. More than 2000 luxury hotels in over 100 countries already trust our products. The secret of our mattress is its revolutionary „profile cut“. Many traditional mattresses layer their products – like a sandwich, their makers seem to think that more is better. And they keep adding and piling more and more layers of foam and other materials. But just like a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich is not good to sleep on, a combination of layers does not guarantee good sleep either: your body’s curves will twist your spine akwardly, if you rest on a flat surface. For our luxury hotel mattress, we have created a support profile, that is specifically designed to let your body sink in, just the right amount, in just the right places.

Sleep makes you slim!
An extra hour of sleep will burn an extra 100 calories. The Hanse mattress is suitable for all body types 'feather' – 'pear' – 'athlete' – 'closet' or whatever mix. Can you identify yourself with a mix of any of these? Just like that, great sleep contributes to your metabolism, your health and your wellbeing.

Sleep makes you beautiful!
Beautisleep is not a myth. Sufficient sleep reduces new wrinkles by up to 40%. With the highly breathable mattress cover, made of an innovative 3D-mesh, air circulation is promoted, and this transports excess warmth and moisture away from the body efficiantly. For a dry, comfortable sleep climate, best sleep and optimum health.

Sleep gets you into shape!
With two firmnesses you have double the firmnesses to choose from. Change the firmness by simply turning the mattress. Is your current mattress to soft or two firm? This constantly grinds away your spinal discs. A perfect mattress in a perfect bed will allow you to recover, to recover faster and to awake as fit as you can possibly be.

Engineered for perfect Sleep
Research and Engineering is in our German heritage genes. We develop our products in close cooperation with the world’s leading ergonomics institutes and sleep-research centers. Different body types and body weights need to be accomodated. Because your body changes, for example from winter to beach body, or for others through life changing events such as a pregnancy. You need different support depending on your favorite sleeping position, or sleep positional changes during the night. Finally, mattresses can be more supportive, or they allow you to sink in more. It takes the German engineering tradition, an Autobahn-kind of test environment with 60 thsd. compressions with 300 pounds each, and many cycles of development, to achieve a product that simply outperforms others in the market. And provides gentle, yet perfect support along the complete spine and body, no matter where in live you are at, or what shape you are in.

Sleep makes you young!
One extra hour of sleep per night will will add an additional 9% to your lifetime. On the Hanse mattress, you can sleep perfectly fort he next 10 years. Tested over 60 thousand compressions with 300 pounds / 140kg each, according to the norm DIN EN 1957. And of course without any kind of toxic substances or unpleasent smells. Stop aging prematurely and stay young !

Sleep makes you clever!
We deliver within the USAa contact free and safely. And within the risk-free trial period, we also pick up the prduct again, free of charge. Already after a few days you are more clever: While asleep, your brain processes the day’s experiences. Emotionally important things will be reinforced, and less important things are cleared. You experience this process as a dream, you learn while you are sleeping, and you wake up with clear goals for a new day full of achievements.

Health and Wellbeing
With great sleep your can be the best version of yourself. You can recuperate faster and better. In the long term, real relaxation will only work with great sleep. Hanse thus researches and develops perfect bedding products for perfect sleep. With our German engineering heritage, and a vast experience of applying our scientific approach to reality in the best luxury hotels around the world. Indulge yourself with perfect sleep. Indulge yourself with Hanse. For sustainable health and wellbeing, based on thorough research and development.

Height 14in
core Hybrid: profile cut foam, encased coil
Cover 100% polyester
Removable cover yes
Care instructions
washability Washable up to 60 degrees. For less severe soiling, we recommend gentle cleaning at 40 degrees.
Order note
scope of delivery 1 piece
Worth knowing
allergy information Suitable for people allergic to house dust: yes, Oekotex 100
We are the largest manufacturer of naturally filled bedding in Europe - the old telex abbreviation became our own brand in the late 1970s. Since the 1980s, we have been serving the world's best hotels with our subsidiary and Hanse brand, as well as their guests and other private customers.

Right of return
Your happiness is our highest priority. Regrettably, mistakes can happen and you may have received a faulty or defective product? And in case of mattresses, some products just do not fit to every single user. Which is why we offer a right to return mattress for 30 nights of trial sleep. To begin the return process, please send us your contact information, order number and reason for return. You will receive return instructions, along with pre-paid postage, within 48 hours. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call us. Please email us at service@hbpshop.com for further instructions.
All orders we receive by 5 pm on working days are sent directly the next day for production, then for packing and the following day for collection by UPS Ground. UPS Ground in turn needs 2-4 working days for delivery. The products should therefore normally arrive between 5 and 10 business days after ordering.