Values and action

Today's world sometimes seems to get out of hand - terms like "common sense", "being the good guys", "Hanseatic" behaviour and people's words no longer refer to universally valid values in a globalised world: we understand that in a global world we have to describe what we do more explicitly than ever.

As industry experts, as entrepreneurs, and as mothers and fathers have, it is a personal motivation for all of us to act as good fellow citizens as a company. We are determined to create transparent products, processes and quality standards through our daily work. Our knowledge and standards are constantly evolving, we learn something every day and we try to be a little more ambitious, good.

This is documented in our corporate management guidelines listed below - transparency and quality are not a matter of chance, but the result of the values and guidelines that govern our daily work. Our ambitions also include the new ways of working - online - and the "privacy" that is now required. Both our privacy policy and our corporate governance are an integral part of our terms and conditions, which are also linked in the footer of this website.

Please click on each link for verification. We thank you for your support on our way to make the world sleep a little better every day.

We measure ourselves against the highest standards of transparency; this applies our production and our products as well as our business consider it done. To our Internet page we measure ourselves in addition with the following criteria:

Identity and accessibility

  • Findability and transparency of the imprint
  • Supplier name and legal form
  • Information on authorised representatives and entry in the register
  • Address, e-mail address and telephone number
  • Dispute Settlement

Privacy and security

  • Encrypted Transmission of personal data
  • Mandatory field labeling and data avoidance
  • Traceability and comprehensibility of the privacy statement
  • Contact person and contact possibility
  • Clear presentation of data subjects' rights
  • No e-mail advertising without consent
  • Data processing based on consent and right of revocation
  • Effectiveness of consents according to current data protection and revocation standards and legal regulations
  • Credit checks only by authorized third parties

Right of withdrawal

  • Cancellation policy for deliveries of goods and objections
  • Note on the right of withdrawal before data entry and on the order page
  • Clear conditions and start of the withdrawal period
  • Details of the exercise of the right of withdrawal
  • Arrangement for the customer to bear the cost of returning the equipment (except for mattresses)
  • No exceptions to the right of revocation or inadmissible restrictions of the right of revocation; please note here explicitly in particular products made to order WITHOUT the right of revocation, and the OTHER LIMITATION OF the right of revocation for hygiene products such as blankets or pillows (NOT mattresses)

Product range and costs

  • Clean and also technically detailed product description according to current norms and standards
  • Legal and serious product range
  • Protection of minors
  • Prices including shipping information for Germany
  • Payment method fees and other costs
  • Additional services subject to approval
  • Transport risk and insurance by us up to your house door

delivery and payment

  • Information on delivery restrictions
  • Indication of concrete delivery times or periods of performance without contradiction
  • Information about offered payment methods
  • Order process flow
  • Design of the order page and permissible button designations
  • Clear, non-contradictive and legible terms and conditions
  • Mobile view of the shop

Order confirmation email

  • Immediate order confirmation by e-mail
  • Provider information including address, e-mail address and telephone number in the e-mail
  • Mention of the ordered products, prices and cost overview in the confirmation email
  • No contradictions and no inadmissible regulations in the order confirmation by e-mail